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Modular Kitchen


Understandably modular kitchen helps you to achieve a clutter-free design that also utilizes the given space in smart manner. We offer U shaped, L Shaped , Parallel Shaped, C Shaped Modular Kitchens Designs that fit well in any environment. 

The well-designed cabinets come with the added advantage of increasing storage along with being aesthetically more pleasing.Everyone dreams of owning a planned and multifunctional kitchen. Planning for the same, requires expertise, patience, and expert craftsmanship. As kitchen specialists in India, we are here to take the guesswork out of it for you.

From multiple kitchen layouts to fit into rooms of all sizes to storage solutions, a variety of materials and finishes, and top-of-the-line appliances. We take care of all the fine details that go into designing wholesome kitchens that are a perfect fit with your lifestyle, work demands, and budget.We make your kitchens beautiful and durable on the outside and convenient and efficient on the inside. Whether you want to give your kitchen space a minimalist and modern look or hope to add a touch of high-tech elegance to your homestead, we have got you covered.


The L-shaped kitchen takes over two adjoining walls. With a rise in open-room living, open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular, The L-shaped kitchen provides a continuous working platform with abundant counter space. Due to its accessibility, multiple users can easily move and spread themselves with cooking and cleaning. 

This layout is ideal for rooms that have plenty of space to allow for free movement throughout the kitchen.


The U-shaped kitchen is a convenient layout that takes over three walls. There is a great deal of privacy in your cooking style. This kitchen format is an enclosed design that allows for plenty of storage, cooking, and prepping. The U-shaped kitchen can be extremely efficient where multiple people can work at different counters at the same time.


The straight kitchen is a one-wall kitchen layout, which is ideal for smaller areas, such as a studio apartment, and it can include cabinet storage and accessible placement of appliances. This kitchen design is compact, and everything is within reach for the single user.


The parallel kitchen is one of the most classic layouts. This layout has two long parallel working areas along opposite walls. This kitchen allows for speed and efficiency when it comes to cooking cleaning. With parallel kitchens you can divide the working areas into a wet side and dry side, increasing the efficiency and the organization of your kitchen space. The parallel kitchen layout has the highest space efficiency, maximizing the storage completely along the walls.


The island kitchen is available in two types: a standalone island, or an island peninsula. An island peninsula is attached to one wall, and is accessible from three sides, while a standalone island includes an unattached countertop that is accessible from all four sides. Due to its accessibility, the island kitchen allows for great movement, and multiple people can access the kitchen at the same time. Due to its open design, you are able to overlook a beautiful view, and not face a wall while cooking

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